Pinpoint Accuracy, Extraordinary Reliability:
About Our Process

6T3’s unique mobile mapping LiDAR systems measure up to 2 million points per second, resulting in thousands of precise points per square metre.  Our proprietary capture and processing workflows result in the cleanest and most reliable pointcloud datasets in the industry, allowing our clients to produce equally reliable simulation models.

Our systems are not “black box”.  6T3’s mapping systems are custom built, integrating the best, and most appropriate, sensors that are available, with no compromise on accuracy and quality. 

We understand the limitations and capabilities of terrestrial mapping, and our unique processing workflows have been built from the ground up to ensure that we produce the best possible data for our clients.

Mobile mapping is not a simple process, in fact it takes a significant element of craft to achieve the consistently reliable and accurate data for which we are known. This is due to our unique breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

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It's well known in motorsport and automotive circles that if you want to faithfully recreate any given road surface for use in a professional high fidelity simulator, that 6t3 has both the expertise and experience of delivering high quality LIDAR datasets. Having used 6t3 since it's inception in 2007 I can honestly say that 6t3 has had the determination and commitment to continuously innovate and improve their mobile LIDAR scanning technology to the point where they have become the defacto standard to compare against for the high technical demands for F1 and FE track scanning.

Dave Kirkman, Director – Simulator Technology Specialist
Kirkman Technologies Ltd.

The Technology

Our bespoke, proprietary mobile mapping systems tightly integrate two discrete types of laser scanning technologies with state-of-the-art GNSS and inertial systems.  Superior field data acquisition techniques, unique data processing techniques, and rigorous quality assurance result in highly accurate laser scans of terrestrial surfaces and the surrounding environment.

Typical deliverables for simulation applications:


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