When the most sensor-laden, stiffly sprung racing cars on the planet are driven at 200mph in state-of-the-art simulations, there’s nowhere for poor quality point cloud data to hide. 
That’s why 6T3 delivers Data Certainty to its customers.

Around the globe, industry relies upon good data, but the reality is that data often fail to measure up.  When billions of dollars are on the line, Formula 1™ teams, vehicle manufacturers, and enterprises building the next generation of autonomous vehicles know that making decisions based upon data certainty is like making decisions based upon facts rather than perceptions.

Capturing data with impeccable accuracy and interpreting those data with a combination of science, engineering, and artistry is at the heart of 6T3.  We are passionate about the strategic use of data and we understand how the data can be used and for what purposes.

We’re all about the numbers.  Quite simply, this is our passion and this is who we are.

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Dave Kirkman, Director – Simulator Technology Specialist
Kirkman Technologies Ltd.

It's well known in motorsport and automotive circles that if you want to faithfully recreate any given road surface for use in a professional high fidelity simulator, that 6T3 has both the expertise and experience of delivering high quality LIDAR datasets. Having used 6T3 since it's inception in 2007 I can honestly say that 6T3 has had the determination and commitment to continuously innovate and improve their mobile LIDAR scanning technology to the point where they have become the defacto standard to compare against for the high technical demands for F1 and FE track scanning.


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