Company Overview

6T3 was established in 2007, when we were the first in the world to introduce highly reliable terrestrial mobile mapping LiDAR systems and their resultant datasets into the simulation departments of the world’s most demanding users – namely, Formula 1™ motor racing teams.

Having developed the racetrack scanning market, 6T3 has gained acceptance from the entire Formula 1™ community and taken its place as the market leader, providing precise mapping solutions for Formula 1™, NASCAR®, IndyCar®, and the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

We have also developed breakthrough solutions with both mainstream automotive manufacturers and the military of a number of nations around the globe.

With more than 80 years of combined experience in GNSS, INS, laser scanners and systems integration, our team has continually explored and pushed the boundaries of what is technically feasible.

Our clients need highly accurate surface models and we provide the best, most reliable interpreted pointcloud data in the world.

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6T3 have supplied engineering-quality LiDAR data to Racing Point F1 ... for use in our driver-in-the-loop simulator. We have found 6T3 to be flexible, innovative and reliable, and the supplied data have always been of very high quality. One aspect of the relationship that we have appreciated is the honesty and openness ... we have always been made aware of any challenging aspects of a particular dataset in advance of purchase ...

Jon Marshall, Head of Vehicle Science
Aston Martin Formula One Team

About the 6T3 Team

80 years of scanning expertise and innovation at the highest level

Chris Cox

Production Director

Dr. Chris Cox is the Production Director for 6T3, and is responsible for data production and developing software and workflows for data processing.  During his 15 years in the LiDAR industry Chris helped develop the first commercially available mobile mapping system, and went on to develop many more ground-breaking systems that helped shape current trends in mobile mapping.  Specialising in both mobile and airborne mapping, Chris is highly skilled in geomatics, surveying, software development, computer-aided design, and strategic planning.  A strong engineering professional, Chris has a PhD focused in Environmental Engineering from The University of Nottingham.

Kresimir Kusevic

Technical Director

Kresimir Kusevic is the Technical Director for 6T3, involved in the design and development of new mobile mapping LiDAR systems.  He received his Masters in Geodesy Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia in 1990.  In the early nineties, Kresimir developed a differential kinematic GPS processor suite and a Vehicle Location System.  He was involved in research, prototyping and development of low-range airborne LiDAR systems, and invented the world’s first mobile terrestrial LiDAR system.  Since joining 6T3 in 2014 he has developed several state-of-the-art survey grade mobile mapping systems including the world’s first high-definition LiDAR backpack system.  Kresimir has collaborated extensively with academic institutions, working on various LiDAR and camera calibration studies, and has published and co-authored several scientific papers.

Simon Newby

Company Director

Simon Newby graduated from North East London Polytechnic with a degree in Surveying & Mapping Sciences in 1984, and from the University of New Brunswick in 1992 with a MScE in Surveying Engineering. Nowadays, he is the President and owner of 6T3.  It was whilst working with the first mobile mapping system of its kind in 2005 that Simon had the idea of using the output from these types of systems for producing high-end simulations for the world's most demanding users – F1 motor racing teams.  Thus, in 2007, 6T3 was born. Simon has been a motor racing fan (and general petrol head) since he was a small boy, thus, the marriage of his professional training with one of his lifelong personal passions represents “the dream job”.


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